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Come fishing...

If you're anything like us, after reading about the amazing places
we get to fish and have a cracker time with our mates...
you'll want to join us. Lekker.
Whether you're just starting out, or have been hunting the elusive trout
and enticing fish onto your fly for some time, everyone is welcome.
We have a phenomenal Junior and Senior league,
everyone learning and taking something away with them
after each event.
Who knows, you could be on your way to smashing your
personal best and sporting a bit of silverware. 

Annual registration fees for this season are...
Juniors 600 | Seniors 650
Fam Membership ( 2 members ) 850 
Fam Membership ( 3 members ) 1250 

Ready to sign on the link below
to fill out the registration and indemnity form.
Once complete, mail to
and send your POP to


Thanks for submitting!

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