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When was the KZNFFA founded ?

What are the objectives of the KZNFFA ?

KZNFFA is the Provincial body of Fly Fishing in KZN which creates a platform for, and develops anglers by facilitating trial events for representative selection to the KZN fly fishing teams.

How often does the association meet for events and socially ?
There are several trials, leagues events held throughout the fishing season both on still water and rivers

How do I join ?
You can register here

Do I have to be a member to participate ?
New anglers are welcome to join league events, however should you wish to be considered for team selection,
you will need to sign up and become a member.

When are national qualifying events run for both Senior and Junior sections ?
Senior Nationals are usually in March / April & Juniors around October each year.

Is KZNFFA affiliated to SAFFA ( South African Fly Fishing Association ) ?

Who is the current chairman of the KZNFFA ?
Chris Dümmer

Does the KZNFFA run cleanup events on the river systems they fish ?
Yes...we try and do an annual event which coincides with World River Day 

I've been selected for a I receive my Natal Colours ?
Brilliant, congrats....For the Youth, Senior A, Ladies & Masters Nationals,
the A Team receives Provincial Natal Colours & the B Team receives KZNFFA Federation Colours. 

Still have some questions, no problem...drop us a mail at 


South African Masters Protea Team in Italy 2022
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